At the heart of the Blue Ardennes, Verviers, Walloon Capital of Water, possesses an industrial past that closely links “soft gold” (wool) to “blue gold” (water). A long history which began a few centuries ago when the water quality of the Vesdre, combined with the know-how of the Verviers artisans, gave wool an unmatched feel.

This daughter of the Vesdre today possesses a modern status of “ville d’eau” (water town) thanks in particular to its new “Parcours des Fontaines” (Route of the Fountains). Verviers is also the many tourist attractions of which it is made up. The Wool and Fashion Tourist Centre and the Maison de l’Eau (House of Water – Maison de Bonvoisin) are part of this tourism heritage, along with the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, the Archaeology and Folklore Museum, etc.

If you wish to learn more about Verviers, you can read this this page from the Vesdre tourism info website.


Crossed by the River Meuse, Liège is a middle-sized city (about 200 000 inhabitants). Due to its sustained and constant activity, it has earned the nickname “the ardent city”. It is the most touristic city of Wallonia, and has a lot to offer to Trading Zones Conference attendees who would be interested in visiting it: museums, shopping, parks, architecture, folklore, nightlife…

If you wish to learn more about Liège, you can read this presentation of the city on the University website, the website of the City tourism office or this nice travel blog.