Verviers offers some accommodation options, suitable for all budgets. This page contains a non-exhaustive list of places to stay during the conference. Unfortunately, some of the websites of these hotels are only available in French. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hotel Verviers Van der Valk****

This hotel is undoubtedly the best place to stay during the conference because this hotel hosts our conference. It is located at less than 10 minutes of walking distance of the train station, and has beds from 98 € per night (single room) to 108 € per night (twin room) . However, room availability can be limited, so make sure to book well in advance (please mention the reservation code gf 58 70 to the conference rates). People interested by sharing a twin room might indicate it upon reservation and thus will pay half the fees (54 euros per night).
rue de la station, 4, 4800 Verviers
Tel +32 87 30 56 56

Other Hotels

Hotel des Ardennes**
Place de la victoire, 15, 4800 Verviers
Tel +32 87 22 39 25

Hotel Le Midi**
Rue du Midi, 9, 4800 Verviers (Petit-Rechain)
Tel +32 87 32 17 50

Bed and breakfast and Guest rooms

You can also check this page from the Vesdre tourism info website that lists a number of accommodation options, including guest rooms in the surrounding areas.

Bed & Breakfast des goûts et des couleurs**

Mont du Moulin, 19-23
Tel +32 87 33 18 08
+ 32 486 86 92 71