Wednesday June 1, 2016 


Session 1

On Approximation Algorithms for Concave Mixed-Integer Quadratic Programming, Alberto Del Pia
Centerpoints: A link between optimization and convex geometry, Amitabh Basu and Timm Oertel
Rescaled coordinate descent methods for Linear Programming, Daniel Dadush, László A. Végh and Giacomo Zambelli


Session 2

Approximating Min-Cost Chain-Constrained Spanning Trees: A Reduction from Weighted to Unweighted Problems, André Linhares and Chaitanya Swamy
Max-Cut under Graph Constraints, Jon Lee, Viswanath Nagarajan and Xiangkun Shen
Sparsest cut in planar graphs, maximum concurrent flows and their connections with the max-cut problem, Mourad Baïou and Francisco Barahona


Session 3

Intersection Cuts for Bilevel Optimization, Matteo Fischetti, Ivana Ljubić, Michele Monaci and Markus Sinnl
Exact Algorithms for the Chance-Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem, Thai Dinh, Ricardo Fukasawa and James Luedtke
Extended Formulations in Mixed-integer Convex Programming, Miles Lubin, Emre Yamangil, Russell Bent and Juan Pablo Vielma


Session 4

k-Trails: Recognition, Complexity, and Approximations, Mohit Singh and Rico Zenklusen
Better s-t-Tours by Gao Trees, Corinna Gottschalk and Jens Vygen
Popular Edges and Dominant Matchings, Ágnes Cseh and Telikepalli Kavitha

Thursday June 2, 2016


Session 5

Semidefinite and linear programming integrality gaps for scheduling identical machines, Adam Kurpisz, Monaldo Mastrolilli, Claire Mathieu, Tobias Mömke, Victor Verdugo and Andreas Wiese
Stabilizing network bargaining games by blocking players, Sara Ahmadian, Laura Sanità and Hamideh Hosseinzadeh
Round Robin Tournaments Generated by the Circle Method have Maximum Carry-Over, Erik Lambrechts, Annette M.C. Ficker, Dries R. Goossens and Frits C.R. Spieksma


Session 6

Extreme Functions with an Arbitrary Number of Slopes, Amitabh Basu, Michele Conforti, Marco Di Summa and Joseph Paat
Minimal cut-generating functions are nearly extreme, Amitabh Basu, Robert Hildebrand and Marco Molinaro
On the Mixed Binary Representability of Ellipsoidal Regions, Alberto Del Pia and Jeffrey Poskin


Session 7

Constant Factor Approximation for ATSP with Two Edge Weights, Ola Svensson, Jakub Tarnawski and László A. Végh
Improved Approximation Algorithms for Hitting 3-Vertex Paths, Samuel Fiorini, Gwenaël Joret and Oliver Schaudt
Improved Approximations for Cubic Bipartite and Cubic TSP, Anke van Zuylen
An approximation algorithm for Uniform Capacitated k-Median problem with 1 + ε capacity violation, Jarosław Byrka, Bartosz Rybicki and Sumedha Uniyal


Friday June 3, 2016


Session 8

Valid Inequalities for Separable Concave Constraints with Indicator Variables, Cong Han Lim, Jeff Linderoth and James Luedtke
A Polyhedral Approach to Online Bipartite Matching, Alfredo Torrico, Shabbir Ahmed and Alejandro Toriello
On Some Polytopes Contained in the 0,1 Hypercube that Have a Small Chvatal RankGérard Cornuéjols and Dabeen Lee


Session 9

Robust Monotone Submodular Function Maximization, Rajan Udwani, Andreas S. Schulz and James B. Orlin
Maximizing Monotone Submodular Functions over the Integer Lattice, Tasuku Soma and Yuichi Yoshida
Submodular Unsplittable Flow on Trees, Anna Adamaszek, Parinya Chalermsook, Alina Ene and Andreas Wiese


Session 10

Strong reductions for extended formulations, Gábor Braun, Sebastian Pokutta and Aurko Roy
Sum-of-squares lower bounds for maximally symmetric formulations, Adam Kurpisz, Samuli Leppänen and Monaldo Mastrolilli
Approximation-Friendly Discrepancy Rounding, Nikhil Bansal and Viswanath Nagarajan
Deciding Emptiness of the Gomory-Chvátal Closure is NP-Complete, Even for a Rational Polyhedron Containing No Integer Point, Gérard Cornuéjols and Yanjun Li


Coffee break

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