A compilation of all abstracts of the papers presented at the Hugo Conference can be found here.


Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5

Session 1 THURSDAY November 3 – 11.30-13.15

Conflict & security Salle des Professeurs (ULg)

Chaired by Caroline Zickgraf (The Hugo Observatory)

  • Olsson Climate induced migration and conflicts – the risk of a self-fulfilling prophecy – Abstract
  • Gilmore Migration and social stress in the face of climate risk – Abstract
  • Telford An exploration of American geopolitical identities in climate security discourses – Abstract
  • Vigil Climate change narratives, overlapping land conflicts, and migration dynamics. Insights from Senegal and Cambodia – Abstract

Climate Adaptation Strategies (1) Salon Vert (TdL)

Chaired by Pierre Ozer (The Hugo Observatory)

  • Ayanlade Examination of Farmers’ perception and attitude to climate change adaptation techniques: A case study from S/W Nigeria – Abstract
  • Herbeck Adapting to rapid environmental change – examples from coastal regions in Ghana and Indonesia – Abstract
  • Kirbyshire Climate and migration in the SDGs and adaptation agendas – Abstract
  • Chaplin Adapting to Climate Change: Water Security, Informality, and Indigenous Urbanization – Abstract

Disasters Salon Blanc (TdL)

Chaired by Lena Brenn (Norwegian Refugee Council)

  • Bower The Pursuit of ‘Durable Solutions’ in Internal Disaster Displacement Situations: Re-thinking the Assumptions of an Inherited Paradigm – Abstract
  • Meijer-Irons Weather-related hazards and population change: A study of hurricanes and tropical storms in the U.S., 1980-2012 – Abstract
  • Brabec Healing the Trauma of Displacement: The role of ontological security and sense of place – Abstract
  • Hasegawa Displaced by Fukushima: as a case of Environmental and Forced Migration – Abstract

 Critical perspectives on climate migration in the policy arena Salle Academique (ULg)

Chaired by Susanne Melde (International Organisation for Migration)

  • Nash From Cancun to Paris: deconstructing an era of policymaking on the migration and climate change nexus – Abstract
  • Nicholson From Data to Argument: the challenges of generating policy-operable understanding from empirical knowledge on climate change’s relationship with migration – Abstract
  • De Bruyckere Climate Migration as Political Ammunition: The Political Use of the Academic Climate Migration Debate by the Greens/European Free Alliance in the European Parliament – Abstract
  • Piguet From Central Asia to West Africa: What are our questions ? – Abstract

Session 2 THURSDAY November 3 – 14.15-16.00

Resettlement Salle des Professeurs (ULg)

Chaired by Sarah Nash (Hamburg University/ Istanbul Policy Center, Sabanci University)

  • Mortreux A typology for the political economy of resettlement inaction – Abstract
  • Mbengue Quelles actions de la société civile pour influer sur les stratégies nationales de gestion des migrations liées au changement climatique – Abstract
  • Funder Climate change, displacement and the politics of resettlement in Zambia – Abstract
  • Gharbaoui Climate Change, planned relocation and land governance: A case study from the Pacific – Abstract
  • Gress Chinese investments and climate migrants – Abstract

Immobility Salon Vert (TdL)

  • Mohapatra ‘Trapped Population’ in Coastal Odisha: Analysing Geographies of immobility through People’s Narrative and Policy Discourses in India – Abstract
  • Yaw Atiglo Household Vulnerability to Environmental Change and (Im)mobility in the Volta Delta of Ghana – Abstract
  • Waffo Changements environnementaux en milieu forestier camerounais et dynamique migratoire chez les pygmées Baka: Du nomadisme à la sédentarisation – Abstract
  • Zickgraf  Immobility and the Environment – Abstract

Human Rights, Equity and other legal aspects of Climate Change and MigrationSalon Blanc (TdL)

Chaired by Cosmin Corendea (UNU EHS)

  • Corendea Hybrid Legal Approaches towards Climate Change: Concepts, Mechanisms and Implementation – Abstract
  • Harakalova Human Rights in the Changing Arctic – Abstract
  • Mayrhofer Reviewing the concept of vulnerability in the context of climate/environmental change and migration from a human rights perspective – Abstract
  • Meckevi Adaptation strategies to avoid internal displacement in Chile: Is the current approach enough? – Abstract

Bangladesh Salle Vive (TdL)

Chaired by Nakia Pearson (The Hugo Observatory)

  • Kumar Bangladeshi Immigration in West Bengal, India: A Study of Characteristics and Adjustment Process with Special Reference to South 24 Parganas District – Abstract |tbc
  • Ahmed Climate Induced Displacement and Livelihood Choices: Evidence from Slum Areas in Dhaka Metropolitan City – Abstract
  • Martin Moving from the margins: migration decisions amidst climate- and environment-related hazards in Bangladesh – Abstract
  • Azam Resilience strategies and environmentally induced migration in the coastal regions of Bangladesh: Exploring the scope towards new transformation processes – Abstract | tbc
  • Mistri Migration in Response to Environmental Change in Sundarban: A Sustainable Livelihood Approach (SLA) – Abstract
  • Vinke Rural-Urban Migration as Effective Adaptation to Climate Change? Findings from South Bangladesh – Abstract
  • Saikia Gendered agricultural and water management in polders of Bangladesh in the midst of migration and environmental challenges – Abstract

Legal & policy perspectives (1) Salle de l’Horloge (ULg)

Chaired by Reiko Hasegawa (The Hugo Observatory)

  • Jakobsson No Protection for Climate Induced Migration – a study of stalled norm change in international policy cooperation – Abstract
  • Dun Expert Views: Policy Prospects and Challenges in the Environmental Mobility Arena – Abstract
  • Manuvie Environmental Migrations and Marginalization: The Doubtful Citizens of India – Abstract
  • Humble The rise of border security in the face of climate-induced migration – Abstract | tbc

Theoretical perspectives Salle Academique (ULg)

Chaired by Alan Gamlen (Universty of Adelaide)

  • Piguet Geography of 25 years of research on the migration environment nexus – Abstract
  • Lee Barrier or breakthrough: complex fragmentation of climate change – migration nexus – Abstract
  • Narang Geographies of Dispossession to Repossession in context of Climate Displacements- Revisiting ‘Bhoodan Movement’ – Abstract
  • Boas environmentally-related migration in the digital age – Abstract
  • Sakdapolrak Climate change, migration and social resilience. Conceptual considerations and empirical insights from Thailand – Abstract

Session 3 THURSDAY November 3 – 16.30-18.15

Press Conference for the launch of the Observatory  Salle des Professeurs (ULg)

Risk perception and reduction  Salon Vert (TdL)

Chaired by Ingrid Boas (Environmental Policy Group, Wageningen University)

  • Tomaselli Securing indigenous land right(s) as climate change mitigation & adaption measures – Abstract
  • Barrow & Kisembo Reducing Relocation Risk in Urban Areas – Abstract
  • Humble Capturing risk perception as a driver for decision – Abstract
  • Dancakova & Janubova The socio-economic hazards in Haiti as a consequence of the environmental changes – Abstract

South Asia Salon Blanc (TdL)

Chaired by Olivia Dun (School of Geography, University of Melbourne)

  • Schaur Migrants and Natural Disasters: evidence from the 2011 floods in Thailand – Abstract
  • Williams Temporal Dimensions of Weather Shocks and Migration – Abstract
  • Krishna Re-writing geography, monetizing land and water: An inquiry into sound business sense – Abstract
  • Mohanty Climate change impact on migration in high land Himalaya: a case study of Nepal – Abstract | tbc
  • Ali Seasonal pattern of temporary labour migration, and survival strategy: A perspective of agro-climatic region in India – Abstract | tbc

 Climate adaptation strategies (2)  Salle Vive (TdL)

Chaired by Elizabeth Brabec ( University of Massachusetts Amherst)

  • Denis Youth on the move – young initiatives and adaptation to climate migrations – Abstract
  • Matthews Exploring climate migration – mitigation/adaptation feedbacks with an interactive model – Abstract
  • Gamlen Social Capital, Climate Impact and Adaptation: Evidence from Rural Households of the Mountainous Region of Southern Ningxia, West China – Abstract
  • Sobczak-Szelc Migration as part of adaptation strategies to environmental limitations–case study of Ait Youl and Mhamid oases (Southern Morocco) – Abstract
  • Takwa Migration as an Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change/ Variability in the Legon-Chari Plains and its Environs in the Sahel Region of Far North Cameroon – Abstract | tcb

Legal & policy perspectives (2) Salle de l’Horloge (ULg)

Chaired by Elin Jakobsson (Stockholm University)

  • de Abreu Batista Claro The seven pathways for the legal protection of environment-induced migrants – Abstract
  • Van der Vliet ‘Environmental refugees’ a legal mapping exercice – Abstract
  • Felipe Pérez Moving Beyond the Shortcomings of International Law: a Proposal for the Legal Protection of Climate Migrants – Abstract
  • Kent & Behrman Linking climate-induced migration with the international environmental regime: Overcoming the legal impasse – Abstract

Western Africa Salle Academique (ULg)

Chaired by Jeff Willis (The University of Canterbury)

  • Ayanlade Climate Change and Migration Dynamics of cattle farmer in southwestern Nigeria – Abstract
  • Okeleye Impacts and responses to flood: a case study of farmers in Oke-Ogun region of Oyo state, Nigeria – Abstract | tbc
  • Ankrah The state of land grabbing viz-a-viz peasant farming in the Awutu Senya and Gomoa East districts of Ghana – Abstract
  • Surugu Climate Change Migration and Internal Remittances: A Missing Opportunity – Abstract
  • Waffo & Feutoho Defeu Illegal migration and climate change in Senegal – Abstract
  • Dimé Remittances and resilience to climate change in semi-arid areas of Senegal: a gender effect? – Abstract

Session 4 FRIDAY 4 November – 09.00-11.00

The MECLEP Project  Salle des Professeurs (ULg)

Chaired by Sara Vigil (The Hugo Observatory)

Commentator: Etienne Piguet (Université de Neuchâtel)

  • Melde Evidence for policy: Human mobility as adaptation? – Abstract
  • Gemenne How can migration support adaptation? Different options to test the migration-adaptation nexus – Abstract

Southern Africa   Salon Vert (TdL)

Chaired by Pierre Ozer (The Hugo Observatory)

  • Mastrorillo The Influence of Climate Variability on Internal Migration Flows in South Africa – Abstract
  • Muchuru Understanding the relationship between climate change and urbanization in South Africa: A migratory systems approach – Abstract
  • Mukonza Land grabbing, Climate Change, and migration nexus. Patterns and trends in Africa – Abstract
  • Onaolapo An Exploration of the Provision of Government-Subsidised Housing without Title Deeds: A Recipient’s Interpretation of Security of Tenure – Abstract | tbc

Europe (1)  Salon Blanc (TdL)

Chaired by Alexandra Tomaselli (European Academy of Bolzano – EURAC Research)

  • Striessnig Intergenerational Transmission of Attitudes Toward Migration as a Potential Antagonist of the Demographic Metabolism – Abstract
  • Hulme Defining the “new normal”: Integrating climate change into the European Union’s root causes of migration discourse – Abstract
  • Puskarova On the environmental costs of the current refugee crisis – Abstract
  • Cernota The village in Central Europe which disappeared from the map – Abstract

Transformations among Climate Migrants in South Asia? Problems and Concerns  Salle Vive (TdL)

Chaired by Shahana Chowdhury

  • Mohanty Existential Transformation amongst Climate Migrants in Delhi – Abstract
  • Chowdhory Enclave people in north Bengal: issues of ‘campzenship’ or citizenship? – Abstract
  • Chowdhury Health Risks and Social Vulnerabilities of Climate Migrants due to Unplanned Urbanization of Dhaka City – Abstract
  • Verma Negotiating Gender Identity – Abstract
  • Pearson Societal Thresholds for Extreme Climate Events – Abstract

Eastern Africa Salle de l’Horloge (ULg)

Chaired by Mamadou Dimé ( University Gaston Berger, Saint-Louis)

  • Olilo Assessing Social Vulnerability and Climate Change Impacts on Immigrant Populations in Lake Victoria Basin, East Africa – Abstract
  • Dembe Internal-displacement and immigration provoked by oil mineral exploration in the Albertain region in Uganda – Abstract | tbc
  • Kisembo Voluntary and involuntary relocation due to climate-induced flooding in Kampala – Abstract
  • Hlavova Development-induced displacement: The case of Chinese investment in Africa – Abstract

South America Salle Académique (ULg)

Chaired by Raoul Kaenzig (University of Neuchâtel)

  • Manccini Pinheiro Brazil Legal Framework for environmentally displaced people – Abstract
  • Aruj & Retamal Migrations and climate change, case studies in South America – Abstract
  • Ruiz Towards building local public policies for guaranteeing human rights of environmental migrants: the case of the Province of Pichincha in Ecuador – Abstract


Session 5 FRIDAY 4 November – 14.30-16.30

Resettlement and Livelihood Rehabilitation in Pacific Small Island Developing States Salle des Professeurs (ULg)

Chaired by Carl Bruch (Environmental Law Institute)

Commentator: Oli Brown ( Disasters and Conflicts Sub-programme at United Nations Environment Programme)

  • Bruch Legal Approaches to Protect Cross-Border Environmentally Displaced Persons (EDPs) – Abstract
  • Fujikura Involuntary displaced people’s attachment to their original home – Abstract
  • Nakayama Lessons for so-called Climate Refugees from livelihood of Fukushima evacuees – Abstract
  • Nagisa Migration as an Opportunity for Livelihood Re-Establishment of Climate Change Induced Transboundary Displaced Persons – Abstract

Mentoring session for PhD and early career scholarsSalon Vert (TdL)

Europe (2) Salle Vive (TdL)

Chaired by Ben Hulme ( University of Warwick)

  • Webersik Understanding Climate Change, Security and Migration: A study of Syrian, Somali and Pakistani refugees in the EU – Abstract
  • Wynn Why are Western Africans migrating to Spain? – Abstract
  • Kehler Siebert Here to stay: The failure of European migration policy to understand the permanence of climate change as a root cause for migration – Abstract
  • Stojanov What is the role of environmental factors in current immigration flows to Europe? – Abstract

The CLISEL Project – Rescaling the nexus climate, migration, security Salle Academique (ULg)

Chaired by Elisa Fornale (Center Migration Law)

  • Bettini Climate change, migration, resilience: what role for ‘the local’? – Abstract
  • Turhan Building transnational solidarity on climate change and migration: The case of non-state actors in Turkey and Germany – Abstract
  • Cristani Introducing CLISEL: Climate Security with Local Authorities – An outline of the CLISEL project’s rationale, objectives, and intended outcomes – Abstract

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