Theme 1. Geo-hazard

 INTRODUCTION : M. Kervyn (VUB), Geo-hazards: Research Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives (abstract)

M. Bruwier (ULg), P. Archambeau, S. Erpicum, M. Pirotton, B. Dewals, To which extend inundations are influenced by urban patterns? (abstract)

G. J. Gracius, P. Ozer (ULg), « Cap-Haïtien » or « how to ‘construct’ a flood risk in a decade » (abstract)

K. Mertens (KUL), L. Vranken, Land transactions to change risk exposure? Landslides, land markets and social norms (abstract)

T. Mugaruka Bibentyo (RMCA, Tervuren), S. Kulimushi Matabaro, W. Muhindo Sahani, O. Dewitte, Anatomy of Nyakavogo landslide (Bukavu, DR Congo): interplay between natural and anthropogenic factors (abstract – presentation)

L. Nibigira (ULg), H.-B. Havenith, P. Archambeau, B. Dewals, Geohazards and flood risk assessment in Bujumbura / Burundi: Contribution of Numerical Modeling (abstract)

Theme 2. Long-term geomorphology

 INTRODUCTION : V. Vanacker (UCL), Nathan Vandermaelen, Benjamin Campforts, Jerome Schoonejans, Koen Beerten, Constraining landscape evolution over 10 yr, 10 ky and 1 my time scales (abstract)

N. Broothaerts (KUL), J.A. López-Sáez, G. Verstraeten, Quantifying long-term human impact in contrasting environments: a palynological and statistical approach (abstract)

B. Campforts (KUL), W. Schwanghart, V. Vanacker, G. Govers, From landslide to alluvial fan: a process based model to evaluate the influence of sediment production and transport on landscape evolution (abstract)

F. Clapuyt (UCL), V. Vanacker, F. Schlunegger, K. Van Oost, Long-term erosion rates in an earthflow-affected watershed in the Central Swiss Alps (abstract)

L. Lamair (ULg), A.  Hubert-Ferrari, S. Yamamoto, M. Shishikuro, O. Fujiwara, E. Boes, S. Obrochta, A. Nakamura, Y. Miyairi, Y. Yokoyama, M. de Batist, V.M.A. Heyvaert and the QuakeRecNankai Team, Using lacustrine sediments to record past natural hazards: The case of Fuji Five Lakes (Japan) (abstract)

J. Robinet (KUL), J.P.G. Minella, C.A. P. de Barros, A. Schlesner, A. Lücke, Y. Ameijeiras-Mariño, S. Opfergelt, J. Vanderborght, G. Govers, Impacts of the conversion of forest to arable land and long term agriculture practices on the water pathways in Southern Brazil (abstract)

Theme 3. Contemporary geomorphic processes, land degradation, and soil and water conservation

 INTRODUCTION :  C. L. Bielders (UCL), Challenges and opportunities regarding land degradation and soil conservation (abstract)

I. Alomía Herrera (UCL), P. Carrera Burneo, Environmental flow assessment in Andean rivers of Ecuador, case study: Chanlud and El Labrado dams in the Machangara River (abstract)

A. Birhanu (UGent), I. Masihb, X. Caib, J. Nyssenc, P. van der Zaag, Impacts of land use and cover changes on the hydrology of Gumara catchment, Ethiopia (abstract)

A. Peeters (ULg), F. Petit, G. Houbrechts, Weir impacts on sediment transport and geomorphic response to their removal in the Bocq River (Belgium) (abstract)

R. Rousseau (UCL), Spatial environmental determinants of the risk of tick-borne diseases in Walloon pastures (abstract – presentation)

S. Rubin (UCL), Climate and environment in biological theory (abstract)