Theme 1. General Climatology 

INTRODUCTION:  N. van Lipzig (KUL), Future climate change impacts: an introduction (abstract)

A. Belleflamme (ULg), X. Fettweis, P. Bertaux, B. Tychon, Using the regional climate model MAR to provide high resolution meteorological data for ‘Precision Farming’ agronomical models (abstract – presentation)

D. Gharbaoui (ULg), Climate Change as driver of Human mobility in the Pacific region (abstract)

A.J. Henrot (ULg), A. Hambuckers, L. François, R. Cheddadi, F. Trolliet, X. Fettweis, M. Dury, K. Porteman, Simulating the effect of recent climate change on the distribution of Atlas Cedar in Morocco using the regional climate model MAR and the dynamic vegetation model CARAIB (abstract)

I. Jacquemin (ULg), M. Dury, A.-J. Henrot, V. Beckers, J. Berckmans, N. Dendoncker, R. Hamdi, A. Hambuckers, B. Tychon, L. François, High-resolution simulations with the CARAIB Dynamic Vegetation Model for natural and agricultural ecosystems over Belgium, and application to the terrestrial ecosystems assessment and land surface interactions modeling (abstract)

I. Vanderkelen (KUL), N. Van Lipzig, W. Thiery, Projecting the future levels of Lake Victoria (abstract – presentation)

H. Wouters (KUL), K. De Ridder, L. Poelmans, P. Willems, J. Brouwers, P. Hosseinzadehtalaei, H. Tabari, S. Vanden Broucke, N.P.M. van Lipzig, M. Demuzere, Heat stress increase under climate change twice as large in cities as in rural areas (abstract – presentation)

C. Wyard (ULg), Winter season changes in Belgium : The MAR model contribution to the project (abstract)

Theme 2. Cryosphere

INTRODUCTION:  X. Fettweis (ULg), Why studying the cryosphere ? (abstract)

C. Agosta (ULg), Antarctic climate projections : Which consequences ? Which uncertainties ? (abstract – )

C. Amory (ULg), Modelling the surface mass balance of polar ice sheets (abstract)

A. Gossart (KUL), N. Souverijns, S. Lhermitte, I.V. Gorodetskaya, M. Demuzere, N.P.M. van Lipzig, A long-term hindcast simulation with COSMO-CLM² over Antarctica (abstract)

C. Kittel (ULg), Coupling an atmospheric model to an ocean model to study air-ice-ocean interactions in Antarctica: challenges and applications (abstract)

C. Lang (ULg), X. Fettweis, M. Erpicum, Stabilisation of the present surface mass balance of Svalbard in relation to summer atmospheric circulation (abstract – presentation)

S. Sun (ULB), R. Drews, F. Pattyn, S. Berger, K. Nicholls, Basal melt rate variability across ice-shelf channels in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica (abstract)

B. Van Liefferinge (ULB), F. Pattyn, M.G.P. Cavity, Transient thermodynamical modelling to evaluate basal temperatures in divide regions of the Antarctic ice sheet over the last 1.5 million years (abstract)

V. Zunz (VUB), P. Huybrechts, Initialising a Greenland ice sheet model through a nudging approach (abstract)