The session will be organized in the Amphithéatre de l’Europe (Room S74  at the underground level, Building B4), but please go first to the Department of Geography (Building B11) upon arrival to do/pick up your registration.

Oral presentations (Room S74, Building B4)

Keynote presentation 

Michiel van Meeteren (VUB), Contested entangled geographies: Challenges and relevance of Belgian human-geographical research

Theme 1. Cities

INTRODUCTION: J.-M. Halleux (ULg), Urban geography at the heart of the urban transition

A. Bortolotti (ULB), C. Dessouroux, C. Sanchez Trenado, B. Véroone, Who’s the ‘green’ for? The social inclusion/exclusion of urban renewal projects: the case of the ‘Abattoirs d’Anderlecht’, Brussels

P. Dethier (ULg), J.-M. Halleux, Games to understand urban planning

K. Fung-Loy (KUL), A. Van Rompaey, Detection and simulation of urban sprawl and social segregation in Paramaribo, Suriname (1987-2030)

G. Montero (UCL), C. Tannier, I. Thomas, On urban borders: three methods, three solutions for Brussels

R. G. Sanul  (VUB), Ordering everyday life culture in Istanbul: Public moral intertwines with neoliberal restructuring

Theme 2. Southern Country

INTRODUCTION: S. Henry (UNamur), How to introduce environment in a migration model?

A.N. Gadiaga (UNamur), C. Linard, Typology and districts mapping as well as contextual risk factors         

N. Karimi (VUB),  K. Boussauw, Adaptive Capacity Assessment of Water Management and Determination of the Uncertainties in the Sanandaj Region, Iran

S. Mossoux (VUB), M. Kervyn, F. Canters, Estimating exposure to lava flow hazard on Ngazidja Island (Comoros)

V. Rodríguez García (UCL), F. Gaspart, P. Meyfroidt, Linking land use displacement, agricultural intensification and forest transitions – A contribution to theory development in land system science

C. Zickgraf (ULg), Coastal Erosion, Migration and Immobility: Evidence from Comoros

Theme 3. Landscape and environment

INTRODUCTION: S. Schmidt (ULg), What does « smart » mean in rural development?

V. Beckers (UNamur), J. Beckers, M. Vanmaercke, A. Van Rompaey, N. Dendoncker, Spatially explicit farmer population modelling in Belgium

L. Bruckmann (ULg), River, peoples and uncertainties : a socio-ecological resilience of middle Senegal river valley

C. Chaiban (UCL), T. Robinson, E. Fèvre, M. Gilbert, S. Vanwambeke, Modelling emerging intensive poultry sector at farm-level in western Kenya

M. Cox (KUL), J. Elen, A. Steegen, Fostering systems thinking in secondary geography education: effects of an intervention study 

W. Gruijthuijsen (KUL), D. Vanneste, Seascapes for contemporary visitors or tourists: a challenge? Cases: Dutch and Belgian seaside towns

Poster presentations (Building B11)

A 1 minute- 1 slide presentation will take place in Room S74, Building B4, before the poster presentation in B11

C. Breuer (ULg), Political fragmentation of European intermediate cities: a spatial approach

N. Bocquet (ULB), C. Debailleul , A Smart City Policy in Brussels?

M. Buelens (ULB), Unconventional fertility timings in urban areas: socioeconomic or contextual influence?

P. Bilomba Ngandu, M. Von Frenckell, P. Ozer (ULg), Vulnérabilité sanitaire et environnementale dans les quartiers inondables de la commune de Cap-Haitien, HAITI

J. Delloye (UCL), R. Lemoy, G. Caruso, On the Scaling of Urban Land and Population Density Profiles in Monocentric Models 

L. Clervil, P. Ozer (ULg), Analyse du risque de déplacement de populations lié au projet de developpement municipal et de resilience urbaine (MDUR): cas de la commune de Cap-Haïtien, Haïti

S. Debersaques (ULB), Cultural facilities and urban development: WIELS contemporary art centre and the transformation of a working-class neighbourhood

F. Gemenne (ULg), F. de Longueville, L. De Bruyckere, C. Zickgraf, S. Vigil, N. Pearson, D. Gharbaoui, P. Ozer, People moved and will move again

O. Koala, F. De Longueville, P. Ozer (ULg), Les effets probables de la loi 034/2009 relative à la sécurisation foncière rurale au Burkina Faso sur les migrants agricoles des grandes sécheresses des années 1970 et 1980

C. Kocabiyik (KUL), M. Loopmans, Staying on: Peasant farmer’s livelihood strategies and land use change in a rural small town in Turkey

M. Linotte, H. Yénoukoumè Hangnon, P. Ozer (ULg), Incorporation des dispositifs internationaux et régionaux en matière de réduction des risques de catastrophe et de protection des déplacés, dans le cadre de la législation interne. le cas du Burkina Faso

S. Rodriguez Giron (KUL), D. Vanneste, Territorialisation of social capital in the perspective of tourist destinations’ development

L. Swinnen (KUL), D. Vanneste, Will winter sports turn into summer sports? The effects of climate change for Tyrolean ski resorts

S. Vigil (ULg), Climate Change and Migration in the Midst of Elusion.

M. Waiengnier (ULB-VUB), What happened to the Brussels financial sector since the 2008 crisis ?

P.-F. Wilmotte (ULg), J.-M. Halleux, Firm Performance and Multi-Scale Territorial Resources in Wallonia:  Toward a Model using Business Accounting

W. Zhang (UGent), B. Derudder , How sensitive are measures of polycentricity to the choice of ‘centres’? A methodological and empirical exploration