The session will be organized in the Amphithéatre de l’Europe (Room R54  at the ground level, Building B4), but please go first to the Department of Geography (Building B11) upon arrival to do/pick up your registration.

Oral presentations (Room 54, Building B4)

Keynote presentation

J.P. Kasprzyk  and P. Hallot (ULg)Big Data and Geomatics : towards a new management of spatial information

Theme 1. Remote-sensing

INTRODUCTION: F. Kervyn (RMAC, Tervuren), The last decades revolutions in Remote Sensing : example of implications for Earth Science

Q. Glaude (ULg), Y. Cornet, CraterNet : a fully convolutional neural network for lunar crater detection based on remotely sensed data

B. Gobbi (UCL), V. Vanacker, A. Van Rompaey, I. Gasparri, Tracking forest degradation with high-resolution 3D forest maps 

F. Priem (VUB), A. Okujeni, S. van der Linden, F. Canters, Using Sentinel-2 and imaging spectroscopy for sub-pixel mapping of urban areas

B. Smets (MRAC, Tervuren), N. d’Oreye, F. Kervyn, Combining Satellite, Airborne and Ground-Based Remote Sensing Techniques to study the Lava Lake Activity of Nyiragongo Volcano (North Kivu, D.R. Congo)

J. Wellens, A. M. Sallah (ULg), B. Tychon, I. Picard, A .Gobin, Y. Curnel, A. Leclef, D. Goffart, V. Planchon, J.P. Goffart, C. Delloye, P. Defourny, A batch-processing assessment of AquaCrop plug-in for maize and winter wheat

Special Communication

R. W. Kruk (National Geographic Institute), CARTESIUS.BE  The world in old maps, aerial photographs and drawings online in your class room

Theme 2. Data acquisition

INTRODUCTION:  R. Warnant (ULg),  C. Deprez, Q. Warnant, Precise positioning with smartphones running Android 7 or later

C. Deprez (ULg), R. Warnant, Precise positioning in multi-GNSS mode

A. Dille (VUB), E. Monsieurs, A. Nobile, N. d’Oreye, D. Derauw, J.-P. Malet, F. Kervyn, M. Kervyn, O. Dewitte, A multi-sensor approach to characterize landslide dynamics in a tropical urban environment

H. Hendrickx (UGent), R. Delaloye, J. Nyssen, Amaury Frankl, Using UAV and SfM to understand the geomorphological dynamics on periglacial talus slopes

F. Poux (ULg), R. Billen, From 3D physical data to 3D intelligent point clouds

N. Vanhaeren (UGent), L. De Cock, B. De Wit, UAVs and 3D modelling in South America

Theme 3. Fundamental and applied GIS

INTRODUCTION: N. Van de Weghe (UGent), GIS: from systems over science towards technology

A. Adam (UCL), I. Thomas, Revisiting the internal structure of Brussels with mobile phone data and socio-economics variable: do we converge?

S. Bourrelly (ULB), Geography, Statistics and LCA: combine and interface methods to map territorial inequalities of environmental impacts arising from land use planning designed by public policy

R. Neuville (ULg), Viewpoint management for an optimal 3D visualisation

S. Trabelsi (UCL), I. Thomas, On measuring “green”: a comparative analysis of four databases in Namur (Belgium)

L. Zwartjes (UGent), GI Learner: Developing a learning line on GIScience in education

Poster presentations (Building B11)

A 1 minute- 1 slide presentation will take place in Room 54, Building B4, before the poster presentation in B11

T. Altanchimeg (UGent), T. Renchin, P. De Maeyer, B. Tseveen, Estimation of Forest Biomass Using Remotely Sensed Data in Northern Part of Mongolia

F. Castaldi (UCL), B. van Wesemael, S. Chabrillat, Soil Organic Carbon prediction in croplands by airborne APEX images using LUCAS topsoil database

L. Dai (UGent), B. Derudder, X. Liu, Exploring the evolving structure of the Southeast Asian air transport network during 1979-2012

E. Natsagdorj (UGent), T. Renchin, P. De Maeyer, B. Tseveen, Soil Moisture Analysis Using Multispectral Data in Mongolia

S. Pale (ULg), F. Traore, J. Wellens, B. Tychon, Using of European’s satellite images, Sentinel-2 and hydrometric data for monitoring the surface water abstraction, for agricultural purpose, in the sub-basin Upper-Comoé, Burkina Faso.